Twelve dates of Christmas: On our second date of Christmas...

... we ate a late-night dinner at our favorite Astoria diner. Steak, french fries, carrot cake, oh my! Our cake was so delicious, we got a second piece to go. 


  1. Which diner is this? I'm always looking for new favorites (mine is Sanford's). I live in Astoria too, and oddly enough, I've seen Brian walking down Broadway! (Isn't blogging creepy sometimes?!)

  2. Hey Jenn! I am surprised we have not run into each other yet, both being in Astoria! We were at Michael's, right up the block from Sanford's. We love that place, too! Michael's french fries and carrot cake are delicious. That was actually all I ate that night we were there!

  3. I love this idea! We have a lot going on this year, including company, so I doubt we'll be able to participate... although we do have a few dates planned already. This time next year we'll have a little one but who says he or she can't tag along for a few of those dates, right?! =]


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