Life according to Instagram, Week 48.

My first week of 2013 brought to you by Instagram...
1. Chuck surprised our family with a new Xbox Kinect on our final night in Minnesota. We had so much fun playing all of the new games together!
2. Back home in NYC...
3. & 4. We go crazy on New Year's Eve here in NYC! Our evening was filled with movies, Battleship, and homemade French bread pizzas at home.
5. Emily made all of our New Year's decorations, including our very own ball to drop at midnight.
6. I know it had to be done, but I was just not ready to part with my tree come January 1st! It stayed up until the 6th...
7. Boo was less than thrilled with the snowman costume Santa left in her stocking.
8. I love the new mug I got from my little brother, Duncan, for Christmas! Cindy Lou is on one side, and several others from the Who gang are on the other.
9. Primary colors, Astoria style.
10. My stepdad rocks! He hauled my new mixer from Minnesota to Newark while on business, and then hand delivered it to me in Manhattan via Penn Station! I can't wait to bake with it soon.
11. 42nd Street.
12. Hello delicious free birthday drink. January is always an exciting coupon month!
13. West Broadway.
14. & 15. Saturday was a spa day. I used the gift certificate Brian gave me last year for an incredibly relaxing massage and mani/pedi.
16. Cream and gray winter nails. One of my favorite color combinations to date.
17. SoHo snack.
18. My short rib empanada was delicious!

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  1. great photos! You've inspired me to give myself a mani today!!!


  2. ...hi,Diana!!!Happy New Year!!!!Welcome back in the big city!!!I'm a new follower and I'm so very jellous of you living in NYC!!!

  3. ....oooops!!!!sorry....I meant <>!!!

  4. Great Instagram photos as always! Happy New Year to you guys over in Astoria! Love your winter gray nails! My coworker and friend Anna over at Doorsixteen does some pretty amazing stuff with her nails, check this post out:


  5. Okay, that would be my next nail color combination! I love it. And I love NYC :( I wish I could live there soon! I'm just too far away :(
    Anyway, I like reading your posts, and I'd like for us to follow each other? Let me know!
    Have a great they in the best city in the world! (as Gossip Girl and How I met your mother said)

  6. Poor Boo with that silly hat! Hahahahah!!!!

  7. I would love to know the name of your polishes. I tried a griege polish once and it looked so drab. Yours is beautiful! Thanks!


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