Life according to Instagram, Week 50.

Holy smokes, Week 50 brought to you by Instagram! 
1. I had a Jack Berger moment on my walk to school this week. 
2. My friends know me well. These macarons were such a pretty and delicious birthday treat on Tuesday! 
3. This birthday cookie also really hit the spot. 
4. A Linzer tart and cannoli completed my amazing home-cooked birthday dinner from Brian. 
5. Plaza at dusk. 
6. Shopping at FAO for my niece's birthday gifts. 
7. Loving my new mug and pajama pants from my mom and stepdad! 
8. Fifth Avenue. 
9. On Thursday I went on an adventure upstate with my second graders. Walking through Grand Central at rush hour with 50 seven and eight year olds can be interesting! 
10. My class spent the day in Cold Spring, NY learning about the residents' transportation needs in their suburban area. I love it here! 
11. Interviewing Barbara, the local antique shop owner, about transportation and her community. 
12. It looks like Vera Bradley threw up all over my bag. Patterns everywhere. 
13. My favorite part of flying out of LGA- Sigmund's Pretzels! 

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  1. I used to teach 3rd grade in a fairly rural area. Field trips were interesting enough. I CANNOT imagine taking a group of elementary schoolers through Grand Central! I would be a WRECK! :)

  2. Class Trip! I love it!You all took a train to Cold Springs? That's some responsibility! By the way, that antique store totally looks like my speed Daina! I'm sure she had some great vintage Christmas stuff! Always love your Instagram photos! xo


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