Our favorite.

For my birthday this year, Brian gave me the best present a girl could ask for- tickets to an acoustic Guster concert with an accompanying strings section. Dream come true! This was our seventh Guster concert, and we couldn't wait for our date night out.
Sam Cohen, of the Brooklyn-base band Yellowbirds, opened the show. I loved him! I immediately purchased songs from his new album, The Color, following the show. After his performance, the stage was reset for our favorite band. Guster played for two hours, taking requests from the audience during the show and playing many of my favorites, included Two Points For Honesty and Either Way.
The guys concluded the show with an unplugged version of Jesus on the Radio. We left The Capital Theater in Port Chester happy and eager for our next Guster concert. I can't wait until they announce their upcoming tour!


  1. I love the new layout!!

    Sounds like a perfect birthday gift!

  2. What a perfect birthday gift - I love presents that involve actually doing something together :) Can't believe it's you're 7th concert... and I'm sure there will be many more to come in the future! Happy belated Birthday!


  3. Awwww guster! My family loves them and they always remind me of my dad. He loves them now too because my sister introduced him to their music. I bet they are great in concert!


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