I had been dreaming of Gourdough's ever since I first heard about it on Jenni's blog last month. Her pictures of my favorite sweet treat covered in mountains of tasty toppings convinced me that this popular food truck needed to be at the top of my to-do list during my first trip to Austin. So, it seemed only fitting that once Jenni and I planned our blogger date, we needed to meet for donuts! 
The Funky Monkey- grilled bananas, cream cheese icing, and brown sugar. I am convinced I will fly back to Austin just to have this amazing creation again! 

Funky Monkey and Son of a Peach. 
Gourdough's was everything I hoped it would be. Jenni and I were the first eager customers of the day and excitedly perused the menu and debated between the many tempting options. The donuts were absolutely delicious and reminded me of my favorite guilty pleasures from the Minnesota State Fair. They also made me a firm believer that warm cream cheese icing should be put on just about everything... 
After following each other's blogs for some time, it was so wonderful to finally meet Jenni in person. The joy of meeting blogger friends in real life is that you get to skip all of that getting to know you stuff and jump right into the real conversations. We had a great time chatting about Austin, New York, the blogging community, and life in general. I can't wait for our next blate... in New York, maybe?

If you are not following Jenni's blog yet, you need to head over to Story of My Life and start reading. She is just as wonderful in person as she is in blogger-land! Thanks again for a wonderful donut blate, Jenni! 


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Gourdough's. I would have felt dumb if you didn't love it like I do! Haha! Happy you had such a wonderful time in Austin. :) and absolutely, I will take you up on that NYC date, sista! ;)

  2. Your photos completely had me drooling over instagram - these look so so delicious! And so glad you got to meet Jenni, she's one of my faves :)


  3. OMG, with names like Funky Monkey and Son of a Peach, LOL I wouldn't be able to resist either! Tommy and I were salivating over these photographs of both treats although he's probably thinking how he can veganize them! ;-)


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