Life according to Instagram, Week 54.

This week has been crazy! Between work and moving and gearing up for a much needed vacation, I have had little time for much else. Sorry if things have been a little quiet over here on my blog; hopefully things will calm down soon!

Here is my past (hectic) week, brought to you by Instagram...
1. There is a 16 Handles a few blocks from our house... I have had it three times this week. I seem to be craving it all the time!
2. Brooklyn blue.
3. This week one of my second graders declared me ruler of all planets. I like my new title.
4. A sweet Valentine's Day treat from one of my buddies at work.
5-8. On Wednesday, my second graders planned a subway trip to visit the Life Underground public art at the 14th Street and 8th Avenue station. It was so fun to watch seven and eight year olds debate the best train lines, express tracks, and stations to depart from. They did a wonderful job! We had a blast search for all of Tom Otterness's art throughout the station. We will be visiting his studio in March!
9. Reason #1,235 I love the people I work with- Friday night manicure sessions in the science lab.
10. 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.
11. I explored several bakeries and restaurants in my new neighborhood this weekend with Brian. I approve of Frank's on 30th. Yum.
12. Boo helped me pack...
13. On Sunday I moved my bookcases for the first time in five years and discovered 30+ hair ties. Oh Boo...
14. She was very confused throughout the moving process.
15. & 16. Lunch date at Butcher Bar. That macaroni and cheese was amazing.
17. My motto throughout the long weekend- Keep calm and carry on.
18. My favorite city.

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  1. Lovely photos, we enjoyed NY so much when we visited there last spring. Keep Calm and Carry On is a great motto, I liked it so much it's my blog name.

  2. Found you through Jenni's instagram! Loving your blog and officially your newest stalker ;)

    Not going to lie, your life looks so exciting! Living in NYC, traveling to Africa...how fun! I'm originally from NY but upstate (Syracuse area) Such a beautiful area!

  3. ....want more photos of the big moving and your new place also!!!!


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