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Once I heard that Google Reader is officially shutting down on July 1st, I decided to make the move over to bloglovin'. You can now follow New York State of Mind here. I will also always have this bloglovin' button on my sidebar for you to quickly access my blog's page.

Follow on Bloglovin

After using bloglovin' for a week, I cannot believe I didn't utilize this reader sooner. I love it. The bloglovin' iPhone app allows me to quickly browse all of the blogs I follow, the images are displayed clearly, and the posts appear faded once I have read them. So easy!
Two side by side screen shots from my iPhone- One showing how my posts appear on the bloglovin' app, and one showing some of the blogs I follow and the posts I had not read yet that day. 
I loving being able to quickly catch up on my reading during my commutes to and from work; I hope you all will keep up with my posts this way as well! Happy following and reading!


  1. Yes! I love Bloglovin! I put your website on my feed a few weeks ago! It's a really great alternative to Google Reader. I haven't tried out the actual app yet, though. Will do.


  2. I love love love bloglovin!

  3. Funny you posted this! I just found out today that Google reader is going away - and after my 5 minute mini-breakdown, I started searching and found out about blog-lovin (like you're using) and another reader called Feedly. I set up Feedly and it seems great- along with the fact it has the complimentary iphone app, which I still need to try. I also want to try blog-lovin and compare the two! :) thanks for posting this!


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