Happy Spring (?)

Conservatory Gardens in Central Park, April 2012
This morning I woke up in New York City to wind chills in the teens and twenties. Snow is returning tomorrow, and the temperatures are forecasted to stay in the thirties and forties for the rest of the week. I am sure this is completely normal for mid-March, and that I have experienced this same winter weather at the beginning of every spring, but this year it is really getting to me. I need winter to be over. I am so tired of boots, mittens, scarves, and big puffy jackets. I feel like I need spring more than ever. I am so excited for budding and blooming flowers, sandals, ice cream dates, and dinners enjoyed outside amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

What are you excited for this spring?


  1. While we have only had snow twice this winter in our little part of Norway, I'm so over the brown grass and trees. I'm so anxious to see something green sprout. Please let it be soon!

  2. I'm excited to open my window! Living in Michigan, we're experiencing similar weather and I have spring fever . . . badly.

  3. I'm excited for sunshine and flowers. I can't wait to take my dog out for long walks without worrying that he's going to be a muddy mess after 30 seconds. I'm looking forward to getting my kids (students) to Riverside park where they can run around in the grass!


  4. I am soo feeling the same way. I love the change in seasons but I'm just about done with winter.


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