Life according to Instagram, Week 58.

Another week brought to you by Instagram...
1. The weather was cold, gray, and rainy this week. 
2. After a long day, there is nothing better than walking down the subway stairs and seeing your train pull into the station. 
3. The moon was oh so tiny on Wednesday night. 
4. I am addicted to this recipe. Best snack ever! After a few batches, I decided to leave out the coconut. 
5. Sign I had to leave way too early for work Thursday morning- empty subway car. 
6. Tom Otterness came to our school on Friday morning to talk to our second graders about his art. After our visit to his studio last week, the kids had a lot of great questions to ask him about his inspiration and process!
7. I liked Tom Otterness's style. We were twins. 
8. A large coffee order was necessary before we kicked off eight and a half hours of parent-teacher conferences. 
9. St. Patrick's Day nails and my favorite stackable rings from my little brother, Duncan. 
10. We are so over winter. And have no idea what this sculpture is about. 
11. After conference necessities- good friends and good beer. 
12. Brianne, my second grade partner in crime. 
13. Soft pretzels, German sausage, and beer. 
14. Another day, another unplanned twin. 
15. Because a soft pretzel and beer wasn't enough... 16 Handles with strawberries, Fruity Pebbles, and Mochi. 

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  1. Ha! I wore that outfit the other day and was accidental twins with a waiter. My friends were delighted.

  2. I see you are still loving the energy ball :)

  3. I love your umbrella, and your ice cream! :P

  4. Looks like a fun and busy week! We always store special treats in our classroom during conference time and schedule points for delicious coffee.

    Those energy bites look so yummy! I need to try that recipe out.


  5. i love that i follow you on instagram and can see these photos throughout the week, again i live in ny vicariously through you!

  6. ....is that umbrella Cartier???


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