Life according to Instagram, Week 60.

Another week according to Instagram...
1. Freedom Tower view.
2. Empire state.
3. Brooklyn blue.
4. Spring break = day drinking.
5. Macarons make me so happy. Especially when they match my spring manicure.
6. The weather may not feel like spring, but my nails did this week. Thanks a Windmillion by OPI.
7. Look who came out of hibernation... so happy to have these moccasins back on my feet!
8. My sister and nieces all placed first in their age categories in their races this weekend down in Florida. I couldn't be more proud!
9. Sugar Freak.
10. After my friend Vanessa posted a picture of her popcorn pudding, I couldn't stop thinking about it! So Brian and I had an afternoon dessert date to satisfy my craving.
11. So happy with my recent Hudson boots purchase!
12. Stocking up for our Easter feast at Sorriso. This market is definitely a neighborhood gem.
13. Movie date night in. I finally watched The Departed!
14. People watching on the corner of 17th and 8th Avenue.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Daina! These pictures make me want to hop on a train to New York! Hope you're having a great week. :)

  2. I am dying over your boots! I'd definitely call that a good purchase. :)

  3. Great photos! I'm heading to New York for a week in two months and am couting down the days. Your blog is a great inspiration for it :)


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