Life according to Instagram, Week 62 and 63.

The past two weeks have been such a blast. So much fun, in fact, that my Instagram post from last week got lost in the shuffle. So, here are the past two weeks according to Instagram...
1. My new favorite t-shirt. 
2. Some of our students gave us report cards. David didn't do so well... 
3. The Flatiron will always be one of my favorites. 
4. & 5. Here Goes Something public art wall in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 
6-9. My second grade class took a field trip to DUMBO to compare Front and Dock Streets today to a painting we observed from 1820 (Winter Scene in Brooklyn). We had a great time playing at the park on our way back to school! 
10. Italian ice season has finally arrived! 
11. I love the new Grand Central Metrocards. 
12. Lord & Taylor Friends and Family sale = new Ray Bans. 
13. Manhattan shopping with my mom. 
14. Chelsea Market breakfast. 
15-18. Scenes from the West Village. 
19. Ready for spring in our nautical stripes! 
20. A happy hour felt very necessary on Friday afternoon. 
21. Union Square. 
22. Tulips at the Greenmarket. 
23. & 24. Spring blooms. 
25. Girls' night! Emily and I treated ourselves to Cold Stone, manicures, and pedicures. 
26. Emily looks ready for warmer weather! 
27. When I asked one of my students if she ever uses all of the pockets on her dress, she quickly responded, "Yeah, I have a good luck charm in every one." She then showed me her panda, Barbie shoe, plastic necklace piece, and a gem. I love teaching second grade. 
28. Brian gets really into our tag games at the playground. 
29. New polkadot pants. 
30. A fresh haircut and blow dry feels so good. 

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  1. Those little good luck charms are the cutest thing I've ever seen. Hope you're having a good weekend, Daina! xo

  2. the report cards are too funny! & those good luck charms - my 2nd graders always have the most random things in their pockets too.

  3. I loved the tulips and your manicure!!!Enjoy your new Ray Bans!!

  4. ....oh!!!....and your new haircut,also!!!


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