Scenes from the weekend.

Our weekend was very eventful. On Friday night, Brian's mom flew in for a quick weekend visit from Florida. We caught up over a delicious dinner at Vesta, and enjoyed a slice of key lime ice box cake and a bowl of popcorn pudding (yum!) at Sugar Freak afterwards. Vesta has On Saturday, Emily had her first communion. She looked beautiful in her dress and did a great job reading in front of the congregation! It was so nice to have both Brian's mom and brother, Kevin, there with us to support her.

Brian and I stopped at Artopolis on Sunday morning to admire all of the Easter treats and stock up on Greek sweets. We wandered the Bronx Botanical Gardens and toured the new Native Plants Garden, which just opened on May 4th. We are now members of the Botanical Garden, and are so excited to spend more time there this spring and summer! Sunday afternoon we headed back to Connecticut for Emily's violin honors concert. She played a three-minute piece from memory with a piano accompaniment- we were so proud! How was your weekend?


  1. ....did you like the greek tsoureki??? Artopolis is an ancient greek word.It means the city of bread... did you know it??

  2. lovely weekend! how nice.



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