Tumor free!

A few years ago, a bump mysteriously appeared on my left shoulder. It slowly grew and eventually I knew that even my fear of doctors couldn't keep me away from getting it checked out. After several appointments and an ultrasound, my doctor concluded that it was a lipoma and that it could be removed in office. And today I had it taken out!

Brian went with me to the hospital this morning and eased my nerves as I waited for my surgery. Before today I had never even gotten stitches, so having a doctor pull out a huge tumor was a pretty big deal! Everything went well and after an hour I was stitched up and ready to head home. I even got to take a picture of the horrific thing that was pulled from my shoulder (I spared you all from that image)...
I am happy to now have symmetrical shoulders and be tumor free! I will be home for the next few days taking it easy, avoiding the New York City heat wave, and watching as many episodes of Friday Night Lights as possible. Thumbs up to a speedy recovery!


  1. Oh no! That is scary. Isn't funny how we'd rather ignore it than actually hear a doctor say something could be wrong and actually deal with it? Thank God you're okay! :)))

  2. ....get well soon,Daina!!!I'm sure everything is gonna be ok!!!Lots of love and greetings from Athens,in sunny Greece!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Glad to hear you're doing well. I would have been out-of-my-mind terrified.

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