Brooklyn Charm

I recently received a gift card to Brooklyn Charm, and I couldn't wait to design my own jewelry at this Brooklyn boutique! Brooklyn Charm is tucked away in the heart of Williamsburg on 9th Street and Bedford, and offers hundreds of chains and thousands of charms. Brooklyn Charm holds a variety of jewelry making classes, and also assembles your unique pieces for a small fee in store ($1 per charm).
I had a blast walking around the store perusing all of the charms. I knew I wanted to make a state necklace, and quickly fell in love with an I love you postcard charm (snail mail is one of my favorite things!). I also found a gold charm bracelet that I had cut to size. My pieces were quickly assembled and everyone working at the store was so kind and helpful. Within an hour I walked out with two unique necklaces and a charm bracelet around my wrist. 

My first experience at Brooklyn Charm was wonderful! I look forward to going back soon when I am in need of a gift, either for myself of a friend. If you are in Brooklyn, I recommend checking out the charm shop! 


  1. This place looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. Definitely a great place for gifts. Bookmarking this spot.

  2. Would love to see an instagram photo of the finished products! Looks like a great place! My husband and I will be back in the city in October for Broadway Bomb. . .or Bomb Broadway (or something like that). It's a longboard/skateboard thing that he does down Broadway. Last time we were in the city we didn't make it to Brooklyn! I have been a blog stalker of yours for some time now! Just decided to comment! I work at a charter school as well, but in Michigan. We have a couple schools in Brooklyn (National Heritage Academies) as well as all over the US. Anyway, just wanted to say. . .LOVE your blog! Maybe we could get together in the future when we make one of our frequent visits to the city!

    Be Blessed!


  3. I made that sign :) thanks for the post!

  4. I made that sign :) thanks for the post!


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