Heat Wave

Our day at Canobie Lake Park this year was especially steamy, with temperatures nearing 100 degrees all afternoon. We braved the heat, lathered up the sunscreen, and cherished every minute spent in the shade. We really struggled the first hour we were there, and considered leaving after sweating more than we have ever sweat before, but after an hour in the dark, air conditioned theater with a Katy Perry show we were refreshed and ready to power through. We had a blast riding all the attractions, devouring the most delicious fresh cut french fries, and treating ourselves to fried dough for dessert.
I was so excited to ride the ferris wheel, which Brian operated back when he was 17 years old and lived near the park. He explained the mechanics as we waited in line, and boasted about his ferris wheel experience to the girl loading up the ride. I think he was pretty excited, too. We got to ride right as the sun set, and had amazing views of the park and the lake as we circled up and down. It was the perfect way to end our day at the amusement park!

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