My little tourists.

Reese and Sage's first visit to New York City was perfection. Aside from a few scheduled activities, like a boat ride around Manhattan and seeing Cinderella on Broadway, we took each day as it came. We slept in everyday as late as possible, enjoyed breakfast at home, and had a late afternoon lunch out at a restaurant in the city. I loved the timing of our lunch meals because we often had the restaurant to ourselves and didn't have to wait long for food. The girls loved riding the subway, which was great because we never had to take cabs. I was so proud of them for all the walking they did during their stay- I think they were meant to be little New Yorkers!

I made a list of sights I wanted the girls to see before they arrived, and we were able to get to them all during their visit. A highlight for me was our day in Central Park. It was a little cooler and raining that day, which meant the park was quiet and fairly empty. The girls loved playing in the Billy Johnson Playground and on the shore of the lake across from Bethesda Terrace. We ended up spending almost seven hours in the park! We couldn't have had a better week together in New York, and I can't wait for the girls to come visit again (hopefully soon!)!


  1. What a fun visit! How was Cinderella? It was featured on Kelly & Michael this morning and looked amazing!

  2. The girls are so cute and beautiful. Lovely pictures too. Absolutely love your blog. Very inspiring.



  3. I imagine it's very exciting to see the city from a kid's perspective!


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