Open Skies

Every summer, I find myself in awe of the open skies in Maine. The bright blue afternoons, the pink sunsets, and the thousands upon thousands of shimmering stars at night always take my breath away. This year's skies did not disappoint, especially the sunset on our final night of vacation.
I will forever appreciate the skies in Maine and how they remind me to breathe, relax, and enjoy everything vacation is about.


  1. Holy heck, those shots are beautiful! A friend of mine is constantly talking to me about how I need to experience Maine for myself. You may have just convinced me to go! So gorgeous.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. These pictures are stunning!!!

  3. I know exactly what night was your last night in Maine because I took pictures of that sky as well! It was so breathtaking! Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. How gorgeous! I'm going there (Portland) in a couple weeks and hope we get beautiful skies as well!


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