Macaron ice cream sandwiches? Dream come true.

If you know me, you know that macarons and ice cream are two of my favorite things. So it was a dream come true when I discovered that Francois Payard put them together to make the most delicious ice cream sandwich! My friend Sahba and I visited his bakery on West Houston Street and indulged in two of the sandwiches. Sahba tried the chocolate on chocolate and I tried the raspberry-pistachio. The macaron cookies held their texture well and my marbled raspberry sorbet and pistachio ice cream was tasty and refreshing! I can't wait to treat myself to another macaron ice cream sandwich soon!


  1. Umm, these look absolutely delicious! I need to find some of these asap!

  2. yeah, looks very yummy!:)

    The Macaron Master www.TheMacaronMaster.com

    1. They were delicious! I have now tried three out of the four flavors, and am eager to get the last one (strawberry cheesecake) soon! Macarons are my favorite treat, and the ice cream sandwich is a perfect summer indulgence!

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