Life according to Instagram: Mid-Winter Break Edition.

My mid-winter break stay-cation in New York City according to Instagram... 
1. & 2. Brunch at Reynard. That Dutch pancake was ridiculously delicious. 
3. What does the fox say?
4. We went back for ice cream sandwiches. 
5. Williamsburg. 
6. My work boyfriend. 
7. My friend Sara was in town for a quick weekend visit. We had a great day together! We walked around Manhattan, got our nails done in Astoria, and had a delicious dinner at Milkflower. 
8. It is so nice to have my friend Andrew here in the city. Representing the Twin Cities and fifteen years of friendship. 
9. The Museum of the City of New York. 
10. City as Canvas. 
11. Writers' tags. 
12. Dough Loco- we tried every flavor they had. 
13. Clinton Street Baking Co. always delivers a phenomenal brunch. 
14. Someone is in my spot... 

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  1. following you on instagram! I love your pictures! they are so very NEW YORK! :) <3 exciting.

    1. Thanks so much Nora! I love how Instagram connects people all over the world. Glad I can give you a little piece of my favorite city!

  2. Yeah long-haired guy!! :) I wish someone would delivery half of the food on your post to my bed right now, starting with the pancakes.

    1. I currently have the same wish! Clinton Street's biscuit sandwich is actually my favorite. Their homemade tomato relish is amazing! Plan a brunch there together soon?

  3. Beautiful pictures! The food pics look good enough to eat!

    1. Hey Joy! Sorry I am just responding to your comment now. Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking through my Instagram feed often makes me hungry :)

      I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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