Antelope Canyon

During my first visit to Arizona a few weeks ago my girlfriends and I ventured four and a half hours north of Phoenix to Page, AZ. Destination: Upper Antelope Canyon. After seeing a friend's photos of the canyon a few weeks prior to my visit, I knew it was a must-see! Rachel, Catie, and I got on the road before the sun rose and arrived at Antelope Canyon Navajo tours around 10:30 am for our 11 am tour time. We loaded up into the back of a tour truck and headed out to the canyon a little before 11 am. It was extremely windy that morning, so dust was flying everywhere as we approached the base of the canyon. We had to pause several times throughout our hour-long tour to shield our eyes and wait out the dust storms.
Antelope Canyon was breathtakingly beautiful. The colors, light, and shapes of the rocks were unlike anything I had ever seen before.
It was overcast and windy the day we toured the canyon, so there were not many light beams coming through the canyon walls. Luckily we were at the right place at the right time and were able to catch the beam below. It was amazing!
If you are in Arizona and have time to tour Antelope Canyon, I highly recommend it! It was a beautiful sight to see and photograph.

Upper Antelope Canyon details:

  • We booked our tour through Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. Their tours are $40 per person during peak light hours (10 am, 11 am, and 12 pm), and $25 during non-peak hours. You can also book a photography tour, which last 2 hours and cost $80 per person. The photography tours are allowed to set up tripods and tell other groups to pause throughout the canyon to get shots without people present. I did not pay for the photography tour and got all of the shots I wanted. 
  • Parking costs $8 per person. 
  • Book ahead of time to avoid having to wait for open tour times. 
  • You will get dusty! Wear clothing that can get dusty and dirty, and be prepared to get dust everywhere (especially your eyes!). I recommend bringing eye drops for after the tour. Also make sure to have a bag to protect all electronics on your drive to and from the canyon. 
  • Your cell phones will jump an hour ahead as you approach Page, AZ. Don't worry, the Navajo tours run on the same time zone as Phoenix. 


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    1. Thanks Jordan! It was such a beautiful space. The dust was intense though!

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    1. I feel the same way. Pinterest has opened my eyes to how many amazing places I need to travel to! Antelope Canyon was so cool and I am glad we journeyed there. Well worth the trip! Next time I hope to see Grand Canyon. Brian has never been, so I wanted to wait and see that with him.

  3. Those photos are incredible!

    Great travel tips about the tours.

    1. Thanks Melissa! You should have seen how panicked we were when our phones changed time zones and we went from being early to way late. They need to print that on the website to save people the anxiety! Luckily it all worked out! If you ever are in Arizona I recommend the canyon; it was so beautiful!

  4. these are absolutely stunning photos!

  5. Wow, these are incredible! Wish we could have made it here on our cross-country trip last year!

    1. Hey Anna! Sorry it took me so long to respond. If you are ever back in Arizona I recommend Antelope Canyon! It was really beautiful. I wish it would have been sunnier the day we were there, but luckily we caught a light beam during our tour. I can't wait to get back to Arizona and see the Grand Canyon with Brian!


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