Life according to Instagram: Austin edition.

Over spring break I spent a few days in Austin with five girlfriends from work. Hannah, who used to teach with us in Brooklyn, moved to Austin last June and was an amazing tour guide. We had a blast exploring and eating our way through Austin together! 
1. Live a great story.
2. Much love.
3. Lunch at Walton's Fancy & Staple.
4. The flagship Whole Foods is amazing. It would love to have a store like this near my house in NYC!
5. Dinner at Sway.
6. My favorite part of dinner was this delicious white chocolate mango dessert.
7. Donuts and whiskey.
8. Cocktails and live music at East Side Showroom.
9. Lunch at Hopdoddy's.
10. Cheers!
11. Plant love.
12. Girls' weekend!
13. Hey Cupcake!
14. Kosmic Kombucha handcrafted in the heart of Austin.
15. 'til death do us part.
16. I love you so much.
17. I wish you were here.
18. So much love.
19. & 20. A night out on Rainey Street.
21. Pool day at the W.
22. Black Betty at Gourdough's.
23. & 24. Torchy's was a huge highlight. We went twice! I will be craving their tacos and queso for months to come.
25. Maia and Rachel mid-taco.
26. My Austin B's: boyfriend jeans, Birkenstocks, and Belgium Bombers from Jo's.
27. Waiting for the bats to fly.
28. Kicking off our final morning in Austin with coffee from Jo's.
29. & 30. Sunday brunch at Banger's. My biscuit with blueberry sausage and gravy was so tasty!
31. Live music and beer make us smile.
32. Who needs a mimosa when you can order a man-mosa.
33. Don't mess with Texas.
34. Living out my Nintendo dreams.
35. & 36. A special Easter petting zoo at Yellow Jacket Social Club.
37. Happy Easter!
38. My first experience with a hedgehog.
39. Back to Torchy's for more queso...
40. All smiles!

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  1. looks amazing! and that hedgehog - incredible!

    1. Thanks! The hedgehog was a highlight. He was a sharp little guy, though!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic trip! All that food looks delicious and I'm dying over that petting zoo. I'm glad you had a blast with your girlfriends! Austin is high on my list of places to visit soon.

    1. You guys would love Austin! I have been twice now and definitely have some favorite spots. Let me know if you are ever planning a visit and I will fill you in on some must-try foods!


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