Rinkoffs is an amazing little Jewish bakery in East London. This family business, which first opened its doors in 1911, makes a variety of breads, pastries, and cakes. They also recently debuted the crodough, their very own version of the cronut that made headlines in New York City.

Rinkoffs's crodough comes in six flavors: custard, chocolate fudge, toffee apple crumble, salted caramel with pistachio, lemon drizzle, and raspberry. They also created two additional flavors, Oreo and peanut butter and jam, in honor of July 4th. While in London, I dedicated my Sunday morning to indulging in this sweet treat. Joanna and I met two of her friends at the Jubilee Street location and were delighted to see that there was no line when we arrived at 10 am. Aside from a few Londoners picking up their morning rolls and tea, we were the only customers there. We excitedly ordered a variety of crodoughs, including both July 4th specials. The three flavors I sampled were all tasty, but hands down the peanut butter and jam was my favorite. The crodough was softer then Dominique Ansel's cronut, which actually made it slightly easier to cut and eat. I loved it!
Rinkoff Bakery's crodough: Orea, peanut butter and jam, and salted caramel with pistachio. 
Rinkoffs has two locations in London: 224 Jubilee Street and 79 Vallance Road. I loved the Jubilee Street location; there were several tables and chairs available outside the storefront and the staff was lovely! You can also stay up to date with their bakery creations by following them on Instagram.


  1. And now I'm hungry! These look delicious. I'd love to try them out.

  2. These look delicious! I can't believe there was no line! Maybe Londoners aren't as fanatical about their baked goods as New Yorkers?


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