Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing and I am excited to enjoy every minute of it! Here is my own little summer bucket list- ten things I would like to accomplish before Labor Day.

  1. Try one new restaurant in Astoria. 
  2. Spend a day at Rockaway Beach. 
  3. Visit the Cloisters. 
  4. Experience high tea in London. 
  5. Plan a camera date with a friend. 
  6. Relax in Astoria Park. 
  7. Eat macarons in Paris. 
  8. Learn how to make at least two new salads.
  9. Organize my closet and have a stoop sale. 
  10. Plan a brunch with girlfriends. 
 What are your summer plans? See last year's summer bucket list here


  1. Come to DC and I'll be your photo date!

    1. That would be so fun! I actually have never been to DC- I am so embarrassed! I have no excuse after living on the East Coast for ten years...

  2. What a fun list. I hope you get to cross off all those items (especially macarons in Paris)!

  3. I'm headed to DC in a couple weeks to spend a month with my parents, so for that trip at least one round of golf is on my bucket list. And then my other is stand up paddle boarding, which I'm planning next week!

  4. those are all such wonderful things! adding to mine now, too :)


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