Twelve dates of Christmas: On our eleventh and twelfth date of Christmas...

...we had cozy date nights in, photo free. 

On our eleventh date of Christmas Brian and I exchanged Christmas gifts and cards. After purchasing our first car together in November we decided to only give each other small gifts this year, which was still just as special. 

On our twelfth date of Christmas we ordered in Leng Thai and watched Scrooged. I had never seen this eighties classic before and I loved it! It will definitely be in our holiday movie line up from now on. 
I loved our 12 dates of Christmas this season and look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come. I hope you enjoyed following along! You can see all of our past 12 dates of Christmas here.  

Happy New Year! 


  1. This whole series has been such fun! Very inspiring. As someone who's been married for 30 years and seen the kids leave the nest, I cannot even begin to express how this investment you are making in each other RIGHT NOW will bring you joy that you can't even imagine in years to come. We are among the blessed - those who look up across the empty-nest living room and feel genuinely thrilled that we get to spend these next years with each other. I love that your dates have been creative, haven't broken the bank and have brought you closer to each other, your selves and your home. Again I say - inspiring! I'm cooking up some different weekend ideas for this next year thanks to these escapades you've shared. AND - we love Scrooged. I won't tell you that I remember sitting in a movie theater when I first saw this and just loving that he was talking to the audience at the end of the show - I was with a huge group when I saw it ... and we were ALL singing! We watched this Christmas morning while waiting for the "kids" to wake up...never gets old - easily one of our annual favorites! (sorry for the long comment!!) Happy New Year to you!!

    1. Hey Adrienne!

      I apologize for just getting back to you now. Thank you so much for your comment. It meant so much to me! Brian and I love our 12 dates of Christmas so much, and I hope it is a tradition we can continue to enjoy for years to come. This year was definitely a challenge with Brian starting a new job in November, but we made it work with lots of little dinners and movies at home. I loved watching Scrooged for the first time and can imagine it was so fun to see in the theaters! My older sister gave me the DVD last Christmas and I hadn't watched it until our date. It will be in our Christmas movie rotation from now on! We celebrated our ninth anniversary right before Christmas, which also always makes the December month special.

      I am so excited to hear more about your date nights. My youngest brothers (twins) just graduated from college and got their own apartment, so for the first time my parents are also home without any children! They are starting to travel more together and I am so happy to see them enjoying each other's company without all of the kids. Keep me posted on your dates and let me know if you come up with any fun evenings at home that you think Brian and I would enjoy!

      Thanks again for always following along and leaving comments. It means so much to me.



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