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Read & Watch:

I am in love with Paige Smith's Urban Geodes. LA's nooks and crannies just got a whole lot prettier! See more of her work on her Instagram account.

I also came across NeSpoon's "urban jewelry" street art: large-scale lace murals, ceramic installations, and embroidery. So beautiful!

I loved the photographs of professional ballerinas balancing their dancing careers and motherhood in the book Balancing Acts, which was featured in the Huffington Post.

The photo series Life Ever After gives you a glimpse into the lives of women embracing old age in New York City.

Last week I saw The Ballroom Thieves perform at Mercury Lounge and have been listening to their new album ever since. Here are a few of my favorite songs: LanternArcher, and Vampires.

I am proud to say I knew all of the films featured in Which Movie Is This? The Emoji Edition.

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