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Read & Watch: 

Meagan Abell is searching for the women in these photographs, which she came across in four sets of negatives from a thrift store. The images are breathtakingly beautiful! #findthegirlsonthenegatives

These tiny cabins constructed with reclaimed wood are amazing! After exploring The Rustic Way's Facebook page I learned the business is located about 20 minutes from where I grew up!

This tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog is pretty darn cute.

I am hoping to listen to some of the podcasts from this list on my next road trip with Brian this September.

I love Bill Murray so much. Here are ten reasons why he is so awesome. I cannot believe I just missed Bill Murray Week in Stratford, London! Also, have you seen St. Vincent? I watched it on my flight back from Paris and loved it.

These watermelon slice jello shots would be perfect for a summer BBQ with friends!

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