Exploring Bear Mountain

We are approaching our one year anniversary of owning a car, my first since moving to New York City in 2003. One of our favorite places to drive to as a family is Bear Mountain. We hiked for several hours last Saturday around the summit. The beautiful weather brought large crowds to the mountain, so we decided to take the paths less traveled to sync up with the Appalachian Trail. We were able to enjoy breathtaking views of the area and rarely ran into other hikers as we explored. We hope to make it to Bear Mountain one more time before the winter weather arrives!

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  1. These are great! One of the many, many things I love about hiking is all the details - the small and interesting ones - that I discover. And then, I lift my eyes and the vistas, the sum of all the details, becomes even more breathtaking! My hike around my favorite woods is up on my blog today! I especially love that shot of the uprooted tree!


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