Twelve dates of Christmas: On our eighth and ninth dates of Christmas...

On our eighth date of Christmas we baked cut-out cookies with Emily. I grew up baking these cookies with my mom every holiday season and I am so happy I get to continue the tradition with my little New York City family. Emily did an awesome job rolling out the dough and we were able to decorate several dozen cookies! I can't wait to eat my mom's batch of cookies when I fly home to Minnesota in a few days; I am already having withdrawals from our batch last week! 

On our ninth date of Christmas we ate dinner from Hinomaru Ko Ramen, one of our favorite new neighborhood spots. Their Cha shu Don is so delicious! After dinner we watched Christmas Vacation. I kept my own little tradition going strong of falling asleep halfway through the movie. I have such a difficult time staying awake these days! We hope to watch it again before Christmas and I swear this time I will not miss the ending! Christmas Vacation and Scrooged are our two favorite date night Christmas movies, although I have many more that I love and try to watch during the holidays. What are your favorites?

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