Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aside from our annual Thanksgiving weekend girls' day, Emily and I are rarely out and about just the two of us. Brian and I only get the weekends with her, so it is really important to do everything as a family of three! But two weeks ago Brian had a work conference in the city that he needed to attend. We took the opportunity to plan a fun day for just us girls!

We started our adventure at Juliana's in DUMBO. The pizza was delicious and our Brookie Bridge dessert hit the spot. Any dessert that includes brownies, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory ice cream, and sprinkles is bound to be amazing! After our meal we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Emily and I both brought our Instax cameras and had a lot of fun capturing the bridge on film in addition to our iPhones. Once we were in Manhattan I walked Emily to where Brian and I will be getting married in June. I loved talking about the day with her and all of our plans for our wedding weekend festivities. We are now 2 months and 29 days away from our wedding day! Woohoo!

We continued winding through the Lower East Side and found ourselves outside of Magic Jewelry in Chinatown. We popped in on a whim and had our auras read, which was amazing! We finished our day at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, one of my favorite cupcake places in the city. We stocked up on lots of flavors that we enjoyed later that evening at home with Brian. Emily and I agreed that it was our favorite girls' adventure to date!

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