12 Dates of Christmas: On the final dates of Christmas...

Brian and I finished our 12 dates of Christmas right before we flew home to Minnesota for the holidays. I am hoping we can continue this tradition next year with a six month old! Here is a look at our final four dates of 2016... 

On our ninth date of Christmas we saw the show Mother Africa at the New Victory Theater. 
The show was insane! The acrobatics and tricks had us on the edge of our seats the entire show.

On our tenth date of Christmas we visited our favorite holiday home in Whitestone, Queens.
If you are in the New York City area, I highly recommend visiting the Lynch family home on 166th Street and 23rd Avenue in Queens. It is so amazing! They always have Christmas music playing, Santa peeking out from the upstairs windows, and displays set up throughout their property that you can walk up to and enjoy. Kevin Lynch even buries all of the cords so no one will trip and fall! 

On our eleventh date of Christmas we baked gingerbread cookies at home in our pajamas. 
We made this recipe for the first time and loved it! We rolled our cookies a little thicker than the recipe suggested, and they came out so delicious and chewy. We also added some buttercream frosting, which in my opinion makes everything taste better. 

On our twelfth date of Christmas we watched another favorite holiday movie, Scrooged. 

Thanks for following along on our 12 dates of Christmas! If you have any ideas for us to try in 2017 please comment below. I would love to try some new dates as a family of four next year! 

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