Flashback Friday: Gallery Girls' Day

Emily and I had an awesome girls' day in Manhattan back in January. We set out to see the photography show Henry Chalfant: 1980 at the Eric Firestone Loft on Great Jones Street. I taught Lee Quinones's son last year and was eager to see so much of his work on display. We spent almost an hour wandering the space, admiring each and every photo. It was an amazing collection! Henry Chalfant happened to be there while we were visiting, so we also chat with him for a bit about his work and process.

We always make sure to eat lots of yummy food on our girls' day. Emily was so excited to try Georgetown Cupcake and I was eager to introduce her to Pomme Frites. We also stopped for pizza at sLICe in Astoria at the beginning of our day.

I can't wait for more girls' days with both of my girls this summer and fall!

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