Welcome Greta Girl!

On Monday, June 12th we welcomed our beautiful baby Greta Rose into the world. After a traumatic delivery for both mommy and baby, we spent a little extra time in the hospital and NICU recovering together. We are incredibly grateful for the amazing care Greta received from her NICU doctors and nurses. My doctors and surgeons were also fantastic. The team at NYU Langone is truly special!
Since the moment we first held her, Greta has been stealing our hearts. Her cuddles, smiles, and adorable little baby noises bring me so much joy and I simply cannot get enough of her! I will be on maternity leave through the fall and am so excited to spend the next several months with my Greta girl.

I hope to return to more regular posting soon. For now I am cherishing every minute with my baby and trying to sneak in as many naps with her as possible!


  1. So many congratulations Daina. She is a beauty like her mother. I keep hoping to catch you with a stroller around the neighborhood!

    1. Thanks so much Jenn! We will try to walk up your way on our next outing. We try to get outside a little bit every day! This cool weather is making the walks so much more pleasant. We hope you are having a great week!


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