Monthly Update: Greta at 8 Months

Monthly Update: Greta at 8 Months

Eating: Greta tried several solid foods this month. Although we are not truly practicing baby led weaning, we are finding inspiration from that method when preparing our meals. Greta loves cheese, waffles, pasta, and broccoli. We are excited to introduce many more foods this coming month! I have been exclusively nursing and pumping up into this point, but am starting to introduce formula next month. Keeping up my supply at work has been challenging and after a month and a half my freezer supply is depleted. We researched many formula options and decided on this one.

Sleeping: Not much has changed regarding Greta's sleeping patterns. She falls asleep every night between 7-7:30 pm after nursing for a few minutes. We thankfully never needed to sleep train- she always falls asleep with her lovey after a few minutes in her crib! I typically get up to feed her once a night for a few minutes.

Doing: Greta is on the go! She quickly crawls across our living room towards her toys. She also pops up into a sitting position with ease when in her crib or on her play mat. Greta is still really engaged with her toys. She loves hitting them together or throwing them across the room. Greta gets super excited when she sees people she knows. Every morning at daycare drop off she smiles and claps when she sees Mrs. Violeta. She is equally excited when I pick her up! It is the best feeling to see her smiling and kicking excitedly walking towards me every evening.

Latest Milestones: A few days before her eighth month birthday she started standing on her feet while playing on her walking activity toy. She hasn't stood up along any of our furniture yet, but we know it is only a matter of time! She also cut her first tooth on February 11, 2018.

Favorite Things: Greta loves her stacking rings (she spends a lot of time clapping the rings together and throwing them across our living room), her indestructible book, and her walking activity toy. We keep the walker folded down, which allows Greta to play with all of the dials and spinning toys as she sits and crawls. She puts everything in her mouth and drools constantly.

Best Adventures: We took it very easy this month. Between a lingering cold for Greta and the realities of returning to work for me, we looked forward to staying home every weekend! We did take Greta to the Queens Museum on my birthday, which was her first official museum visit.

Our Family: We celebrated my 33rd birthday together with a trip to the museum, cake, and ice cream. It was very special having the four of us together for the weekend! Greta helped me blow out my candles and got to try a tiny bite of my cake. We ordered the same cake that we had at our wedding- strawberry cake with cream cheese icing from sugar sweet sunshine.

Favorite Part About This Age: I love every single thing about Greta at this age- she is constantly exploring, playing, smiling, and laughing! I especially love watching her try to interact with our cat, Boo. Boo wants nothing to do with her, but every time Greta sees her she perks up and tries to pet her. She is already such a cat lady!

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