Donut Day!

I had been looking forward to today for awhile now... Donuts and coffee at Peter Pan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hands down, this is one of my favorite treats in NYC.

You feel like you have stepped back in time as you walk in and see a crowded counter of neighborhood regulars drinking coffee, reading the paper, and devouring egg and cheeses. Girls in teal and pink uniforms quickly serve the long line of customers as people wait for stools to open up. And the donuts... ah, the donuts. It is difficult to put into words how amazing they are. Old fashioned, cakey, amazing donuts. Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Tim Hortons can't even compare to Peter Pan. I realize I sound a bit obsessed with them. and that is because I am. And the selection: whole wheat, glazed, red velvet, cream crumb, jelly filled, chocolate cake, sprinkles, coconut cream, apple, I could go on and on...

After meeting my friends Hannah and Sahba, we quickly grabbed the only three open stools and started ordering. First, we started with iced coffees and a red velvet cruller. Yum.

Next,  Sahba ordered a chocolate coconut glazed donut, while Hannah and I decided to split an egg, bacon, and cheese. This is Hannah's favorite, and I was not disappointed. Bacon crisped to perfection, fluffy eggs (yes, I finally eat eggs!), and melted cheese. Again, yum.

As we sat and ate, the employees carried fresh baskets of hot donuts out. As soon as we saw the basket of chocolate glazed, we ordered one and split it immediately. Lorrie, another co-worker who lives down the street from Peter Pan, came and met us as we finished our coffees. It was wonderful to catch up and talk about our summers. It is such an exciting time for teachers; whether we are traveling around the country (or world), or exploring the city, we all have something to share. I feel so blessed to not only love my job, but to love the people I work with. They are amazing and have made my life better!
Lorrie, Sahba, Hannah, and I ate Peter Pan. 

After overindulging on donuts, we decided to indulge on shoes. We headed to Shoe Market and went a little crazy as we circled the summer sale shelves filled with adorable sandals and wedges. After much deliberation, we each got Salt Water sandals (Hannah got two pair!), and Sahba scored some adorable black leather sandals and Minnetonka moccasins. Salt Waters are actually something one of my students wore last spring that I fell in love with, and they make them in all colors and sizes! They are designed to be able to be worn in the ocean, so I may need to head to one of the beaches when I get back to the city after my Minnesota trip.

All in all, a great day out with the girls in Greenpoint! I love summer in the city! 

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