Summer in the City

Today was one of those perfect NYC summer days. After 23 days above 90 degrees this summer, today's forecast of a high of 81 degrees and low humidity was truly a gift from God. I, along with thousands of other New Yorkers, spent the day walking and relaxing in Central Park. I met up with Dayle after a workout and quick lunch, and we entered the park at 59th Street and 5th Avenue. I have spent many days on the east side of the park, but Dayle had never walked through many of the areas we explored. It is such a cool feeling to know that after living in this city for seven years, there are still so many new things to see and do. It was fun to show Dayle some of my favorite places on the east side of the park and reminisce about the times I had spent there with my family on their first visits to the city. We walked by the Hans Christian Anderson statue, the same statue I posed next to with family the week I graduated from NYU. We also walked by the Alice in Wonderland statue. The first time I went there was with my mom and brother Cody in 2003. I had just gotten my tattoo on my foot, so I had to wear flip flops for a few weeks. It was November, so my mom cut tube socks and resewed them so I could wear them with flip flops to keep my feet warm. Definitely not my finest fashion moment.

We walked through Belvedere Castle and laid out on the Great Lawn. Being on the lawn instantly brought back memories of seeing Dave Matthews Band live in the park the month I moved to the city seven years ago. That is still one of my most amazing experiences in the city. 

There was such an energy in the park today. Everyone seemed so excited to be out enjoying the weather and the company of friends and family. Myself included!

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