Everything is better in pajamas.

With my first round of family/teacher conferences quickly approaching, my co-workers and I are in turbo-report writing mode. Every child has a three to four page checklist and narrative report written in the fall, and they can be quite time consuming to write and read. Luckily, we were given Election Day off as a report writing day. From home. These daunting reports seem so much more manageable while lounging in sweats, slippers, and sipping tea from my favorite oversized mug. I feel productive as I blast my Mumford & Sons Pandora station and type away on my laptop. And if I need a break, I can just look out my bedroom window at the falling yellow leaves and bright blue sky. In addition to the comforts of home, I also have Boo keeping me company as I work. She periodically steps over my folders and keyboard to hunt pigeons from the windows on either side of my desk. I am entertained as she frustratingly chatters at the birds on windowsills across the alleyway. Nine reports done, four more to go. But they are not so bad in pajamas.

Happy report writing to all of my teacher friends! 

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