Hallow's Eve

This weekend was full of fall festivities, despite this flu/cold that I just cannot get rid of. After date night Friday, I was shot. I was in desperate need of a lazy Saturday, and I got it. My only real objectives of the day were to treat myself to a mani/pedi and pick up some last minute white make-up and eye lashes for my Halloween costume. I am happy to say that I completed both.
After pinning little white lies across my white chinos and tank, attempting to apply fake eye lashes and quickly deciding to go without them, and loading up on red lipstick, I was off to the upper west side to meet my Italy girls. We worked together to assemble hard hats for a Chilean miner, his wife, and mistress, and then hopped on the subway to go to Jacqueline's Halloween bash in Brooklyn. Jacqueline and her boyfriend David were dressed to impress as the new IPhone 4G with its amazing video chat feature. And I have to say, Jacqueline included every detail, down to the volume controls and two cameras. We had a great time catching up, snacking on chips and dips, and sneaking bite size candy from the cauldron of treats.
Unfortunately, I woke up this morning feeling like the truck from Saturday reversed after the first hit and ran over me a second time. So, I slept. All morning. I finally peeled myself off of the couch early afternoon to hang out with Brian. I left for a bit to run some errands around the neighborhood, which helped me wake up. The sun was shining, the air was crisp but not uncomfortably cool, and my tall dark coffee kept me warm as I walked from store to store. Kids raced by me in their Halloween costumes carrying bright orange pumpkins full of candy. In a city full of apartments with no real front doors to be opened or doorbells to ring, the families in my neighborhood trick or treat at the stores lining Broadway and Steinway. It isn't quite like my memories from my suburbia streets of Maple Grove growing up, but looked equally enjoyable. While I was out and about, Brian went to work in the kitchen preparing our grounding fall foods. I cannot really put into words how amazing that man is in a kitchen. In a matter of hours he can prepare things that would take me days. Literally. Today, he made butternut squash soup and a chicken stew with roasted acorn squash and mustard greens. We also heated up some of his homemade beef stew as we watched the Pats game, and sipped his lemon, ginger, and honey tea throughout the evening in hopes that it would cure whatever flu we both have. I love Brian, and I love that my little apartment kitchen can turn into a restaurant with the most satisfying menu on any given weekend.
One step away from delicious butternut squash soup. 
Roasted acorn squash. 

In addition to today being Halloween, it is also our little Boo's third birthday. We held to our tradition, and let her eat her wet food straight from the can for dinner instead of her usual measly little spoonful. We are lucky to have such a good little cat, and can't believe it has already been two and a half years since we got her at the ASPCA.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of fall fun, costumes, and candy. Happy Hallow's Eve!

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