One day, two dates.

In Season 5 of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw decides that even if you are single, you are never really alone because New York City can always be your date. She jokes as she tells the girls at the coffee shop that she has been dating NYC for about 18 years now, and that she thinks she is in love. Now, I am not single, but I do like to think that in addition to dating Brian, I have also been dating New York City for seven years now. And like my favorite character, I think I am in love.

I was eager today to get to have dates with my two great loves, first with Brian at brunch, and then with my lovely city all afternoon. After a lazy morning filled with hours of coffee and catching up on magazines and the newspaper, we headed out to Locale for brunch. Brian and I have had many dates at this neighborhood favorite, and were excited to have brunch there. They use all organic foods and free-range meats, and have pasta entrees that scream comfort food. After walking the block and a half in the chilly 39 degree weather, we settled into our little table by the window and ordered. I had a Southern omelette with chicken, cheddar cheese, and jalapenos, and Brian had Rigatone Bolognese. Both were deliciously satisfying, and Brian scraped both plates clean.
After brunch, we walked to Broadway together and then headed our separate ways. My first stop on my date with the city was Bamboo Nails for a manicure. I filled up my punch card on my last visit, so I was excited to cash it in for a free manicure. Goodbye Suzi Says Da! and hello Siberian Nights.
Once my nails were dry, I took the subway into Manhattan and got off on 14th Street. I started my day of shopping by stumbling upon a little toy store, Just Kidding Around, tucked away on 15th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. As soon as I walked in, I was drawn to the wall of Christmas ornaments and holiday toys. I was tempted to start buying ornaments (especially this cute little pink-frosted cupcake), but decided to wait until a little closer to Christmas. I always love walking around toy stores and reminiscing about my own favorite toys as a child. This store had many of my favorites, including the Playmobil sets and Calico Critters.
After looking at the toys at Just Kidding Around, I started making my way up 5th Avenue. I was excited to see the holiday candles back at Anthropologie- I love the mulled wine and gingerbread scents! After popping in a few stores, I made my way to 18th Street for some hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows at The City Bakery. I caught up on the phone with family back in Minnesota as I sipped chocolate from my bowl, and continued to indulge as I read Let the Great World Spin.
After drinking my fill of sugar, I continued to walk up 5th Avenue in search of a black slouchy hat to keep my head warm for the rest of the day. After walking around several stores with no luck, I found a street fair with a stand of $10 hats that had exactly what I was looking for! Success.
I decided to walk through Madison Square Park before walking up to 34th Street to catch the subway further uptown. I admired the view of the Empire State building and the thousands of light bulbs hanging in a public art exhibit in the park. I also got my first real look of the changing leaves in the most perfect fall light, and I must say it was gorgeous.
My final stop on my date with my city before returning to my apartment was Central Park. Today was the NYC Marathon. The race starts in Staten Island, goes through Brooklyn, and finishes at the southern end of Central Park. I got off the train and stepped right onto the route. I stood at the barricades and watched as runners jogged by me on their final 1/2 mile. And within a minute of watching and listening to the crowd cheer on family, friends, and complete strangers, I was crying. Every year I manage to instantly tear up as I watch the end of the marathon. It is so inspiring to watch people do something that I could not imagine doing, and seeing the kindness of strangers as they shout, "Keep going, you're doing great, looking good!" I wanted to scream and clap today as I watched, but each time I tried I became more emotional and had to stop. So I smiled, with tears pooling in my eyes, and tried to send them my encouraging vibes. Congratulations to all of the runners today. You are amazing and I truly admire your dedication and accomplishment!
All in all, I had two awesome dates today. Thank you Brian for always making our dates amazing, and thank you Carrie Bradshaw for reminding me that New York City can be the perfect date, too.


  1. Hi! I've stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it!!! I am mildly obsessed with NYC...and I actually have my first trip planned for next month :))))

    PS, I cry at marathons, too.


  2. Hey Kimberly-

    I actually started following your blog awhile ago as well... how did we get connected? I love blogging and am so happy to hear that you like reading mine! I am never sure when I am sending my posts out into the wide world of Blogger if anyone is actually reading them, so it is wonderful to hear that you are. How exciting that you are coming to NYC- it truly is my favorite place! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with on your visit (restaurant suggestions, neighborhoods not to miss, etc.). Thanks for the comment!


  3. Daina,
    I am loving your blog! I am getting to know you in a way we never had time for amidst all of our work at CR!
    Lots of Love,


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