All You Need is Love

December 23d was a very special day. Brian and I celebrated our anniversary, and I could not have felt more loved or in love. We started our evening together exchanging cards and gifts. After we read each other's cards and I was brought to tears, we joked that the night could have been over then. Just being together and telling each other how we felt was enough. But we had more planned. Brian made dinner reservations and kept them a secret until we arrived at BLT Steak in midtown. Michael, or old general manager at the Redeye Grill, is the GM at BLT Steak and warmly greeted us as we stepped into the small, bustling restaurant. It was great to get to catch up with him for a few minutes before we sat down at our table.
I don't think I can put into words how amazingly delicious our meal was. As we looked over the menu and selected our appetizers, two huge popovers were dropped at our table along with a small recipe card tied with ribbon for me to take home. They were warm, doughy yet crispy, and addicting. I can't wait to try to make them at home.
We ordered a crab cake and bacon for our appetizers. While we were waiting for our first course to be served, a manager came over and dropped off three additional appetizers compliments of Michael: grilled cheese with bacon and truffle oil, duck liver mousse with toasted bread, and a plate of different cured meats. So, once our crab cake and bacon arrived, we were working with five plates of yummy food. The bacon was out of this world. It was grilled, double cut, and smoked to perfection. As we finished our appetizers, we almost couldn't believe we had 36 ounces of beef headed our way. As always, I ordered the filet and Brian ordered the bone-in ribeye. We slowly enjoyed our entrees as we chatted and reminisced about our years together.
Michael had told us to save room for dessert before he left for the evening, and when three desserts magically appeared at our table we knew why. He sent us the restaurant's signature pastry cream-filled crepe, a chocolate mousse with a crispy peanut butter wafer bottom and banana ice cream, and a plate of coconut macaroons and mocha cookies. We blew out our anniversary candle and indulged. It was a perfect way to end our incredibly delicious and special dinner.

I am so lucky to have found Brian. We have had quite a journey together, and I can't wait for all that is to come. First on our list: planning our Boston trips around the Red Sox tickets he put in my stocking! Woohoo! I love you B!

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