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One of the best parts about coming home to Minnesota is getting to see the friends that I grew up with. The friends that stuck up for me when I had to get glasses in second grade, the friends that were with me when I bought my first shirt from Contempo Casuals, and the friends that spent countless hours going across the floor and drilling dances until they were picture perfect. And every time we catch up, I am reminded about all of the experiences we have had together over the past fifteen years. It is so nice to be able to pick up where we left off and catch up as if no time has pasted since we were last together.

Our conversations have evolved from crushes and first jobs to engagements, weddings, babies, and homes. Instead of meeting new boyfriends, we can now usually count on looking at a wedding album, ring, or ultrasound photo. And I think that is pretty amazing. Amazing to see the friends that stood by you during your awkward adolescence now standing by you as women with such wonderful, fulfilling lives. It is also interesting to see how much we have changed. During junior high and high school, we tended to all like doing the same things, wearing the same things, and even sometimes liking the same guys. Going our separate ways in college and in our careers has allowed us to all find ourselves, while still holding on to the friendships we have always had together.

The first get-together was with my high school girls at Catie's parents house. We joked about the parties we used to throw when her parents were out of town at the cabin as we snacked on appetizers and passed Catie's daughter Caroline around (with her parents out of town at the cabin). We chatted about the next new addition to our group as we looked at Sara's ultrasound photos, and talked about Coley's wedding plans as we tried on her beautiful engagement ring. And of course, there were lots of laughs and pictures in between.
We sat around the kitchen table talking about life as we ate Candy Cane ice cream. All that was missing was Rachel; we missed you!
My time with friends continued the next night with my dance girls get-together. I danced for 12 years growing up, and most of those years were spent with these girls. We spent countless hours at our studio, backstage at competitions, and staying up all night at sleepovers. I have so many memories with my dance family, and I am so happy we have all stayed in touch since we graduated from our studio. Our family has grown with husbands and boyfriends, and I think the boys look forward to seeing each other almost as much as the girls. We had an eventful year with three weddings, and we were able to reminisce about the special days as we looked at wedding albums. We missed Erica and Jessie and hope they can both make it next time!
Two great night with two great groups of friends. I am a lucky girl!

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