Be My Valentine

In honor of Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays, I invited Brian and Emily over today to make frosted heart cookies. I called my mom this morning for a last minute recipe question, and she happened to be doing the exact same thing in Minnesota. I guess great minds think alike. I prepped the dough and frosting before Brian and Emily arrived around noon.
We wanted to get the cookies in the oven before lunch so they could cool and be ready to decorate before Brian and Emily had to leave around 3. So we tied on our aprons and got down to business.
I told Emily about my family's sugar cookie recipe, and how my mom got it from my grandma and then passed it on to me. We worked together to roll out batch after batch of dough and carefully cut out cute little hearts.
While the cookies cooled, we watched The Little Mermaid as we ate Brian's homemade chicken fingers and baked fries (yum). True to form, Emily laced up my old point shoes and danced around the room as the movie played.
Finally, the cookies were cool and ready to be iced and sprinkled. We had fun picking out our icing and sprinkles and writing little love notes on our sweet treats. Brian even got in on the action, and as always, made my heart melt.
Emily made both of us cookies: I love Dad and I love Daina. So cute.
After they were frosted to perfection, the only thing left to do was to enjoy them! And they were delicious.
It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon on Valentine's weekend. I can't wait to spend tomorrow night staying in and relaxing with my love. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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