Refresh, Reboot.

The past few weeks at work have been a bit exhausting. We are in the middle of our second grade transportation study, and recently starting learning about the New York City subway system. After discussing strikes and the infamous transit strike of 2005, we interviewed community members and an MTA employee to understand what the strike was like. Then, we explored NYC subway maps and planned a trip to the 14th Street and 8th Avenue subway stop. The kids worked at their tables tracing various routes with Expo markers in search of the most efficient route from Fort Greene to Union Square, and then our destination of 14th and 8th. They were excited as we set out the next day knowing that they planned our rides on the Q, L, and A trains. Once we arrived at 14th and 8th, we briefly talked about Tom Otterness and his installation Life Underground, which is displayed throughout the subway station. Shrieks could be heard down the platform as the kids spotted bronze sculptures tucked around corners and underneath emergency exits as we walked around on our Otterness scavenger hunt.
This week, we are heading to Grand Central Station, the "palace for every man," to observe and sketch the architecture in the main terminal. It is amazing to see what the children notice about the lights, pillars, arches, and ceiling as they sit criss cross apple sauce smack dab in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the morning commute. I am really excited for our trip in two weeks to visit Tom Otterness in his studio in Brooklyn. We went two years ago and were fortunate enough to get to watch him work on his latest project, and I am eager to see what is in store for my class this year.
So, back to what I was saying... I have been a bit tired lately.

By the time I dropped the kids off at the buses Friday afternoon, all I could think about was getting home and spending Saturday doing a whole lotta nothing. But before I went into weekend hibernation, I had to restock the kitchen. So after staying later at work than I should have and running a few errands, I headed to Trader Joe's in Union Square for some serious shopping. Now, for those of you that do not live in New York, let me briefly describe a normal night at Trader Joe's. Herds of people are continuously walking in and out of the double doors at the front of the store. After getting a cart, you participate in bumper carts as you try to maneuver up and down the crammed aisles. Why so crammed you may ask? Because the line for the checkout usually begins at the cheese section at the back of the store, and wraps through aisles all the way to the front. Workers hold neon signs, Line Starts Here, that sometimes bring me to a panic attack when I realize the line will take me longer than my shopping. Like almost everything else in the city, it is a busy, hectic place 90% of the time. But on Friday nights, it is a dream. I walked in at 8 pm and found the aisles nearly empty, and those neon line marker signs, well, they were practically at the front of the store. So I went crazy. I piled my double-decker cart high with produce, trail mixes, peanut butter, and pastas. The line was a breeze, and before I knew it I was hauling $90 worth of deliciousness packed in go green bags down the subway stairs and onto the Q train. Oh the joy of grocery shopping without a car...

After the food was put away and pajamas were on, I laid down to watch a little TV. Next thing I knew, I woke up with all of the lights on and the cable box displaying 5:08 am. I stumbled into bed and awoke a few hours later feeling kind of like my poor house plant... sluggish, tired, and in desperate need of some nourishment and care.
So, after watering that poor little guy, I brewed myself some coffee and reintroduced fruit into my breakfast routine (thank you Trader Joe's for your amazing prices and produce!). Brian suggested I try making quinoa for breakfast and treating it as oatmeal. After cooking the quinoa, I added a little almond milk, maple syrup, and some fresh strawberries and bananas. I have to say, it was pretty good. And a great and healthy way to start the day!
After I finished eating breakfast, I slowly sipped coffee from the first mug Brian ever gave me as I thought about how much I missed him. He was away all weekend at a wellness conference in Miami, and I had been sending him I miss you and Thinking of you texts since he took off on Thursday morning. Even though I was sad that he was away, I was also happy that he was enjoying warm weather and being inspired by so many professionals in his field throughout the weekend at the conference. If you need any nutrition or exercise advice, please check out his website; he is amazing at what he does!
After my second refill of coffee, I set out to complete my only objective for the day- to get through my DVR box.
I wrapped up in my favorite blanket and watched hours of shows that I had missed over the past few weeks. I dozed off, knit, snacked, and cleaned up around the house as I watched my favorite shows. I definitely didn't clear out the DVR, but I made a nice little dent.
As the hours pass and I got more and more comfortable in the warmth of my living room, I decided against the gym and took a long nap instead. There may have been hope for a late night workout, but once I heard the cold rain bouncing off my air conditioner and the wind from the drafty stairwell rattling my door, I called it a night and stayed in. That's right, that means I never left my house. Not for a quick walk around the block, not to get my mail downstairs, or to interact with anyone from the outside world. And I think a day of hibernation was exactly what I needed before my busy Sunday.

I woke up early this morning to get ready for my donut date. Mike had never been to Peter Pan and asked if we wanted to meet up Sunday to go. I of course could not say yes fast enough, and emailed Brianne and Hannah immediately. Thankfully, the rain was gone and the sun was shining as I made my way to Greenpoint on the N, 7, and G trains. After two transfers and 40 minutes on the trains, I made it to Nassau Avenue.
We met up at Peter Pan at 9:30 to beat the 10 o'clock crowd, and got the perfect corner seats at the counter right away. Mike and I arrived first, and had coffees and a sour cream glazed donut in front of us by the time Brianne, Hannah, and Matt arrived.
We talked about our week at work and our weekend adventures (or lack of) as we chowed down on hot egg and cheeses and an array of donuts.
Matt helping Hannah keep her chin up. 
After only crumbs were left on the counter and coffee cups were emptied, we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the G train. Once I was back on the 7, the Manhattan skyline filled the train windows as we sped along the tracks. After I spotted the 5 Pointz amidst the peaks of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, I knew I had to get off the train and wander with my camera for a bit. And so I did.
I spent the rest of the afternoon hopping from train to train as I finished some errands that had piled up over the week. I spent some time at the Queens Mall before going into the city to Rockefeller Center and Herald Square for some more shopping. I also squeezed in a manicure and a good workout at the gym before settling in for the night with a Lush bath bomb and dinner. This weekend may not have been the most eventful, but it was exactly what I needed before another busy week at work. Sometimes, a girl just needs a solid day of nothing before gearing up for the week. And this weekend I was definitely that girl. I can't wait for Brian to fly back tomorrow and for a great week ahead!

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  1. I've missed you!

    Ok, I think I need to be a student in your class - that sounds like SO much fun!!!

    I love quinoa, too :)


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