Another weekend, another donut day.

Apparently, our weekend are not complete these days without donuts. And what better place to indulge than Peter Pan. I am guessing that many of you are probably thinking, Geez, we know you like donuts. We know you love Peter Pan. Enough already... But, with each trip to our favorite Greenpoint bakery, happy pictures are taken and memories are made. And with that, blog posts are born. So, I've got a feeling (woohoo) that there is no end to our days spent at the Peter Pan counter.

On Sunday, Emily and I scored some seats at the counter as soon as we walked in and ordered while Brian found parking. He had a rental car for the weekend, which made our trip all the better. A fifteen minute drive instead of an hour on the subway? Hell yeah! Anyway, Emily got down to business with her first chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles while I tried to cool down my piping hot cup of coffee.
After giving me one bite, Emily wised up and didn't let that donut out of her hands or her sight. When I asked for another bite, she said no, but tried to lighten the blow by offering me the sprinkles that had fallen off. Smart kid. Sadly, I sat there picking up the sprinkles like a pigeon for several minutes before caving and ordering myself an old fashioned glazed with coconut.
We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon sipping coffee and splitting donuts and bagels as the rain came down outside.
How could I not love these two...
Especially when they humor me and my camera companion and pose on command, making a dreary walk so much more enjoyable. It was a fun way to spend our Sunday!


  1. I love the daddy-daughter pics. Priceless really.

  2. I love reading about your Peter Pan donut days.... keep 'em coming!

  3. Have I ever said that Emily looks a lot like "Curly Sue"? Cause she does, she's adorable!

  4. Thanks guys! Your comments made my week! Peter Pan really is the best = more posts to come :)


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