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Daylight savings always brings out the spring cleaner in me. On Saturday, after doing my laundry (with Brian's help of course), I had the sudden urge to vacuum. Like, really vacuum. I spent over an hour pulling out every piece of furniture and vacuuming piles of dust bunnies and other gross stuff that accumulated over the long winter months. After the vacuuming, I moved onto dusting. Before I knew it, it was 3 o'clock and I realized I needed to move on with my day. So, I left the cleaning supplies scattered on end tables and dressers, showered, and headed out for a manicure. I had a little more pep in my step due to the warmer temperature and rediscovering an old pair of sneakers that will be worn much more often from now on. After my coats of Suzy Says Da! dried at Bamboo Nails, I strolled up Broadway and treated myself to a piece of cheese bread from my favorite Columbian bakery before heading into Manhattan for some shopping. After stupidly attempting to browse the shoes on the fifth floor at Macy's in Herald Square (which is always a nightmare on the weekends), I hopped back on the train and finished my shopping excursion in Rockefeller Center. Unfortunately, I didn't have any luck and went home empty handed. Well, maybe not quite empty handed. I picked up my free monthly chocolate from Godiva before taking the N back to Astoria.
Today, Brian and I had big plans for our date day. We started off by meeting at the gym bright and early for a training session together. Thank god we decided to go in the morning, because there was no way in hell I would be working out tonight after the food we ate throughout the day.

After we finished at the gym and got ready, we hopped in our rental car, picked up some coffees at Starbucks, and drove to Red Hook, Brooklyn. Destination- IKEA. Attempting IKEA without a car is a bit of a joke. Usually, my options are taking a ferry from Manhattan or taking the subway and then a bus. No thanks. So I was pretty pumped to be riding shotgun in our little Prius. I needed a new desk chair and storage crate that would also act as a shelf for my printer. After hours of testing out various chairs and wandering the showroom, we found exactly what we needed. The shopping was a little stressful at times and Brian just wanted to take a nap by the end of our search.
Luckily, a quick ride around the warehouse cheered us both up. People were giving us some not so nice looks as we giggled and spun through the aisles; we were convinced they were just jealous that their time in the warehouse was not as enjoyable as ours.
After our furniture was purchased, our next order of business was finding somewhere to eat. We had scoped out a Mexican restaurant near IKEA and spent some time reading reviews on Yelp. Unfortunately, when we arrived there the gate was down and it looked, well, kind of sketchy. Speaking of sketchy, we also walked by this cat in a window with a random portrait and some other knick knacks. Obviously, a picture was necessary.
We tried to find a new lunch spot with a little help from Urban Spoon, but after several attempts with no success we decided to just head back towards Queens. Before we jumped on the BQE, we made a quick stop at Baked. I received Baked Explorations, one of the bakery's cookbooks, as a Christmas gift and had been wanting to try the bakery every since.
I stocked up on a sweet and salty brownie, a rosemary apricot bar, a homemade vanilla marshmallow, a slice of zucchini bread, and a chocolate chip cookie baked into a brownie. I may have gone a little overboard...
I nibbled zucchini bread and admired the views as we drove towards home. I really love the Manhattan skyline. It still gives me chills every time I see it.
As we were brainstorming restaurants for our late lunch, I remembered a Williamsburg BBQ place that had been on our list of places to try. So, I quickly typed Fette Sau into my Iphone map and we were on our way.
We were blasted with the smell of smoked meat the second we stepped through the door, and the smell seeped into our clothes and hair as we chowed down on our tray full of meat. Brian was not playing any games when he ordered our food. Habanero chips and vanilla cream soda were the perfect compliments to our meal.
We made it home in time to grocery shop, assemble my new chair and shelf, and spend some time planning my lessons for the week. Our date day was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!


  1. I love it!!! Those peeps in IKEA were definitely jealous!

    Can we talk about that cookie/brownie thing? I am DYING. I think I need to revisit NYC just for that!!!


  2. Glad you finally made it to Fette Sau!

  3. Wow! Great week!

    Love your scarf.


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