Givin' It a Shot

So, here I go. I am giving vlogging a try. Nervous? Yes. But kind of excited to be getting in on the fun? Of course. So, scroll down, pause my playlist, and give my little vlog a click. I apologize for the extremely yellow lighting; I am not home during the daylight hours and had to rely on my eco-friendly ceiling light and floor lamp for my super high low-tech, up close and personal video.

Want to give vlogging a try too? Link up with Vloggin' Vednesdays here!
Vloggin' Vednesdays


  1. Yay! So fun to hear your vlog!! That's really great that you wanted to go to NYC and you just went for it. I am so intimidated to do stuff like that. I've never lived outside of a 30 mile radius from where I grew up... I think it would be a fun change. Can't wait for next week's vlog (if you decide to participate!) :)

  2. Nice post Daina! I admire you for going and actually doing it (making the move to NY). I made an attempt and wasn't able to do it (CA), and I kick my self every winter.


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