Spring is in the air.

This week, I have eight hours of scheduled parent teacher conferences. My families are lovely and I enjoy talking with them about their wonderful children. But at times it can get a little long, with the florescent lights humming and the small second grader-sized chairs digging into my adult-sized back. But, the excitement of spring is definitely in the air. And that is making my conference week a lot easier to get through enjoy. Here are a few joys of spring that I had to mention a few days before the official first day...

Open windows, a breeze, and loads of fresh air in my classroom. After months of intense heat from the ancient radiators, it is a welcomed change.
Wearing my Toms with cuffed skinny jeans and not feeling the slightest bit cold. I love Toms and think everyone needs at least one pair. Especially since a child receives a pair of shoes with every Toms pair purchased. You heard it here first- go get yourself some Toms!
Easter candy. I finally caved and bought my favorite Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Peeps. Which by the way, should only come out at Easter. I might need to devote an entire post to Peeps; stay tuned.
I hope everyone has a wonderful spring weekend! I will be enjoying mine in the Poconos celebrating Lindsey's upcoming nuptials :)


  1. I love Toms. I really want a pair!! Just need to pick out which pair, I love them all!! ANd those mini eggs are my favorite!! I've already eaten an entire bag! ha ha

  2. I know, I need to get another pair soon. I really love them! Maybe red for my second color? And don't get me started on the mini-eggs, I love them!!! I only allowed myself single serving bags for now... Thanks for always reading and commenting, it is so fun to see your comments!


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