Sun Shiny Day

Happy Friday everyone! We have been blessed with the most beautiful week of spring weather in New York City, and it has definitely brightened my mood. Here are some other things that have put a smile on my face today...

Our ducklings are not so little anymore. They have been back at school since Wednesday and I just can't get enough of them. They are just so stinking cute. I can hear them chirping from my room, just begging me to come in and feed them. They are the best.
I love my job for so many reasons. One of them is how cute and sweet the kids can be. I received this from one of my little girls this week. I mean, how cute.
A teacher at my school plans Fun Friday every week, a day where we dress according to a theme. We have had denim Friday, plaid Friday, black and white Friday, and Twin day, among countless others. This Friday, in honor of the royal wedding, was appropriately declared Bling Bling Friday. I pulled out one of my favorite necklaces for the occasion.
I am jet-setting to Minnesota tonight for a friend's wedding. Fingers crossed it doesn't snow (yes, snow) like it did there earlier this week. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. it's gorgeous today! i promise you it wont snow!! :)


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