Welcome little man!

My close friend Sara had been excitedly awaiting the arrival of her first born for, well, a good nine and a half months. His name had been picked, infant rocker skull and cross-bone sneakers had been purchased, and baby showers came and went. When she visited me in New York in February, I felt him kick around in her belly. It was the first time I felt a baby kick, and it was so exciting.

Ozzy must have known how much I wanted to meet him, because he decided to come a week early, right before I flew home for the weekend. He was born Friday morning at 10 am, and both him and mom are doing really well. I am so happy for Sara and so proud of her. I cannot wait to get to know little Ozzy Roman and see Sara rock out as a mom.


  1. I love it! One of my closest friends just had a baby, it was so fun to watch her become a mom and love on her little guy.



  2. oh wow, oh wow--what a perfect little baby! i love that picture of the goal for the day!

    and ps: could you be any prettier?! holy moly lady.


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