What I Love About Florida

Brian and I have had the most amazing week in Venice. Since the minute we touched Florida soil (well, okay, to be more accurate, it was actually Florida carpet in the Fort Myers airport) we have been happy. There are so many things that I love about Florida. Here is just a handful of what makes it so great...

Key Lime Pie
I am deeply in love with Publix key lime pies. Every year, a few weeks before we take off for Florida, my key lime cravings begin. As I think about outfits to pack or activities to plan, without fail dreams of that delicious dessert will also pop up in my mind.

Brian and I have been known to eat half a pie in one sitting (which Publix conveniently sells). But this time around, we did not play any games. A whole pie was purchased within hours of arrival, and I could be found throughout the rest of the week with it in front of me with only a fork. Who needs plates, right? I have no shame. It is just that good.
Many people get excited to wine and dine when on vacation. We get excited to grill.

We have thousands of restaurants at our fingertips in NYC, but not a grill in sight. It is definitely a special vacation treat. Brian took full advantage by cooking anything and everything on the grill. We had grilled chicken, filets, ribeye, brats, buffalo dogs, carrots, zucchini, pork, rack of lamb, lobster... oh, my mouth is watering. And my man was proud of his grill marks. I am so grateful to be with someone who loves to cook out.
These were growing outside our bedroom window. Enough said.
Target Trips
I love Target. I especially love Target when it is a 2-3 minute drive away. We made a few trips, and every time I had to comment on how clean, calm, and quiet the store was. NYC Targets and Target shoppers, you could learn a thing or two from the Target in Venice.
Family Love
Brian and I drove to Tampa mid-week to stay with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces. I cherish each and every visit I have with them. My nieces greeted us in the driveway and were so excited to show us their toys and play. And my sister greeted us with enough baked goods for a small army. We ordered pizzas and snacked on cake pops, cupcakes, Rice Krispie bars, and chocolate chip cookies throughout the evening.
Bath time that night was a bucket of laughs.
We had a lazy morning the next day watching movies...
...and working on Reese's favorite mosaic tile art.
Then, we spent all afternoon at the pool and playground. Reese and Sage are quite the swimmers, fearlessly jumping off the side of the pool and paddling to us.
Brian really enjoyed the water slide and I loved watching him go down it. People thought I was waiting for a small child each time I stood at the bottom with my camera. Nope, just my boyfriend. See, there he is. 
Pool Rafts = Beds
Is it bad that I spent almost as much time laying in this as I did sleeping in my bed?
Happy People
I love anywhere that can make someone this happy.


  1. i'm from florida and you just named everything i love about it too! and publix has by far the best bakery south of paula deen's house. lol

  2. Sooooooo much fun!!!! Can you believe it's POURING rain here?

    I love the waterslide comment ;-)

  3. Ooooh fun!! My Mom whole family is obsessed with Key Lime Pie! (im' not the biggest fan, but i can see why people are!) I will be in FL in 2 weeks, this post just made me so excited for my trip!!

  4. You all LOOK like happy people :) And dude.. you with a fork an key lime pie makes me SO happy. You have no idea.


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