Rainy Week

The rain started Sunday night, and is forecasted to continue pouring down on New York City until this coming Sunday. And let me tell you, rain can really get me down. Yesterday, I attempted to keep my spirit bright with my neon green t-shirt and cheeriest of umbrellas.

But today, with unexpected MTA delays that extended my commute by an hour and rain that soaked every inch of me not covered by my Hunters and wind breaker, I felt defeated. The city got to me. And I hate when that happens.

But really, how could I stay down after seeing this, made by one of my lovely second grade girls during our choice time this afternoon. I knew that Godiva add I clipped for my collage bin would be put to good use.
So, for the rest of the week when that rain starts to get to me, I will just think of R.'s (and my) perfect rainy day. 


  1. the texas girl in me loves, just loves thunderstorms (but from the comfort of home or a car). and we've had so much rain this year. but i'm trying to enjoy the sound of it just now. just the sound against the window. here's hoping you and i both have a good week (even if we our a little wet).

  2. Oh girl, I hear ya about the rain getting you down. I'm from SEATTLE. Ha ha. But luckily for us, we are supposed to have sun all week! It's a record around these parts lately :)

  3. Rain always gets me down too. But they are the sweetest pictures, what a pick-me-up :)

  4. You are an amazing photographer (and you're very pretty, too)! Seeing your NYC photos makes me miss the city and my friends who live there.

    Looking forward to reading along and learning more about you. :)


  5. Gotta love that R! So, so sweet.

  6. It's raining here in Boulder, CO. too.... It's my day off and I've used it as an excuse to stay in sweats all day long. Hope the sun comes out soon!

  7. Love everything about this. And love when our kids do the most unexpected things that bring some unexpected smiles. Thanks for sharing!

  8. yes. yes. yes. so funny that i just blogged about our rainy weather too and how my two year old cheers me up. kids are the best, aren't they? when i taught kindergarten there wasn't a day that went by without being thoroughly impressed with a child's perspective on life.

  9. it's been raining here in LA recently.. which is super strange for us. and not fun.

    I'm sending sunny thoughts your way!

  10. I love rainy days. :)

    ps. thank you for loving my blog. :) I loved seeing it listed on your page today. Made my day!



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